Director of Nursing (DON)

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Position : Director of Nursing (DON)

Client     : Lutheran Home & Harwood Place, 7500 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

This position is responsible for the leadership and direction of the Nursing Department in keeping with the facility’s mission and values.  The DON is accountable for assuring all policies and procedures are in place and state and federal regulations are met as they relate to the delivery of care. The DON is accountable for human resources management, budgetary management, and adherence to facility policies and procedures.



Major Responsibilities Measure
1.    Provides direction and leadership to the nursing and interdisciplinary team related to the delivery of care ▪    Sets clear expectations for direct reports and ensures best practices in the delivery of care

▪    Maintains visibility to assist staff with issues and address concerns

▪    Provides timely response to inquiries

▪    Works collaboratively with all members of the interdisciplinary team

▪    Ensures timely follow-up on investigations related to resident concerns, incident reports and allegations reported to the state

2.    Manage day-to-day operations of nursing ▪    Directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the short term rehabilitation unit, working collaboratively with the nurse manager, MDS/Medicare team, social services and director of therapy rehab to ensure best outcomes

▪    Supports the ADON-LTC in the day-to-day operations of the long term care units

▪    Ensures the appropriate actions and follow through are taken on clinical issues identified on the 24 hour report

3.    Ensures the overall integrity of the medical record and required documentation ▪    Ensures the nursing documentation in the medical record is clear, concise and in compliance with regulations and facility policy

▪    Ensures the appropriate auditing is in place to monitor compliance

▪    Ensures that the appropriate education is in place regarding documentation requirements

▪    Maintains the documentation on any investigations and other nursing audit tools according to the retention requirements and facility policy

4.    Maintains standards of practice that meet state and federal regulations ▪    Maintains policies and procedures related to nursing and the delivery of care

▪    Develops the appropriate policies/procedures as required to meet new requirements or change a current practice

▪    Regularly attends education and seminars to stay current on topics related to nursing and the delivery of care

▪    Ensures preparation and adherence practice required to attain favorable survey outcomes

▪    Work with the medical director and physicians to maintain best practice and develop protocols as needed

5.    Adheres to the budgetary requirements for the department ▪    Works with the Administrator & COO to establish budgets for the nursing department.

▪    Monitors monthly expenses and makes adjustments as necessary

▪    Works closely with the scheduler to review staffing and make adjustments as necessary based on census

▪    Closely monitors and manages human resources to minimize turnover and overtime use

6.    Leads efforts for quality measurement and improvement ▪    Ensures the appropriate audits are in place to track outcomes and quality metrics

▪    Establishes benchmarks based on industry averages and sets expectations for performance

▪    Facilitates quality improvement efforts in areas requiring improvement and measures effectiveness of actions taken

7.    Provides supervision and leadership to the nursing staff ▪    Fosters and maintains a cohesive team environment

▪    Conducts regular team meetings with staff

▪    Monitors performance and communicates expectations

▪    Conducts employee evaluations and administers discipline process as required

▪    Provides back up or support as needed to nurse management and staff

▪    Provides 24/7 on-call support to the department

8.    Any and all other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor ▪ To be determined by supervisor


Education ▪  A current license to practice as a registered nurse in the State of Wisconsin

▪Baccalaureate degree with a major in nursing;  Masters degree preferred but not required

▪ Current CPR certification or must obtain within six months of hire

Experience ▪At least five years experience in acute or long term care nursing

▪Two or more years leadership experience

Skills/Abilities ▪  Strong clinical skills

▪  Proven organizational and written and verbal communication skills

▪  Excellent interpersonal skills, with ability to display sensitivity when communicating with residents and families and professionalism when dealing with other staff persons

▪  Sound knowledge of quality assurance principles and programs

▪  Experience with using electronic medical record software

▪  Is knowledgeable in various computer applications (Outlook, Word, Excel)


Physical Demands


▪  Ability to work at a consistent pace throughout the shift

▪  Adequate physical strength to perform duties of job

Strength ▪  Must be able to lift, push, and move a minimum of 25 pounds unassisted
Manual Dexterity ▪  Sufficient manual dexterity to perform activities required under essential functions
Coordination ▪  Ability to perform gross body coordination and hand-eye coordination tasks without instability
Mobility ▪  Must be able to move frequently throughout the workday, sitting, standing, bending and lifting
Visual ▪  Must be able to see or use prosthetics that will enable the senses to function adequately to assure that the essential functions of this position can be fully met
Hearing ▪  Must be able to hear or use prosthetics that will enable the senses to function adequately to assure that the essential functions of this position can be fully met
Speech ▪  Must be able to speak and write the English language in an understandable manner


Compassion ▪  Treating others with dignity and understanding
Commitment ▪  Working with integrity and pride
Collaboration ▪  Building meaningful relationships
Creativity ▪  Facing opportunities and challenges with imagination, flexibility and optimism
Resident/Client/Customer Focused ▪  Does whatever is necessary to meet the needs of the resident/client/customer
Communicates Openly


▪  Communicates with resident/clients, families and visitors in an appropriate and effective manner


▪  Seeks out and pursues development opportunities for personal or professional growth (e.g., interpersonal skills, technical skills)
Unit/Department Teamwork


▪  Demonstrates support for co-workers and team by offering assistance to others and taking responsibility for work that needs to be done
On-line Education Compliance ▪  Timely and successful completion of monthly on-line education
Education Compliance ▪ Timely and successful completion of mandatory in-service or competence assessments
Attendance and Scheduling ▪ Supports the team by demonstrating flexibility and reliability in availability and by complying with attendance and benefit time policies and procedures


  • Contact with infectious disease, including the potential exposure to the AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses, infectious and/or hazardous waste could occur
  • Contact with hazardous substances (i.e., cleaning agents) could occur


  • Must wear employee name badge
  • Must maintain a professional appearance at all times


  • Reports directly to the Administrator & COO
  • Directly supervises ADON-LTC, ADON-Staff Development, Rehab Nurse Manager, Medicare Nurse Manager, Nurse Supervisors and Scheduler.
  • Responsible for the leadership and management of all nursing staff.


  • I have read this job description and fully understand the requirements set forth therein. I hereby accept the position of Director of Nursing and agree to abide by the requirements set forth and will perform all duties and responsibilities to the best of my ability.  I understand that as a result of my employment I may be exposed to AIDS and HEPATITIS B viruses.
  • I further understand that my employment is at-will, and thereby understand that my employment may be terminated at-will by Lutheran Home management staff or myself with or without notice.



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